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Speleological objects at the area

Visit us, feel and see the beauties of our area

The geological composition and structure are relatively simple in most parts of the municipality. Carbonate rocks (limestone and dolomite) mainly Mesozoic age specific for its solubility. Such a composition of rocks led to a predominance of karst topography with all the interesting things on the surface and underground. Although less common, geologically older Paleozoic sediments (schists, marl, sandstone, limestone ...) are important for the karst area.

The basis of the relief form the crest of Velebit in the southwest, range Resnik on the east and south of the municipality. The massif Resnik height stand out reefs Trovrh (1234 m), Risovac (1112 m) and Jasenar (1178 m). Some hills (Mirkac, Vrletuša, Petrašić top) of the ridges are separated by long sinkholes. Diverse relief image is that part of the municipality, high ridges and separate peaks alternate with lush valleys, coves and passes.

A number of geomorphological interesting at municipality result  from the karst topography, such as the picturesque shaped peaks, cones, beams, sinkholes, rocks, karst depression ... Speleological objects (caves, sinkholes, caves) are numerous, but not enough explored.

Vranik cave above the hamlets Vranik is currently closed to visitors and is only available to archaeologists, since in it found numerous remains of pottery which experts believe is from the time when the region inhabitants were Japodian tribes. It testifies to the fact that Japodi used the cave spaces. Rokina cave (or Brkića cave) in the hill above Piplica particularly outstanding beauty cave decorations and is available for visitors.

There is a cave in the booklet that has always provided a safe shelter for the local population, and the cave in Zir, in which they have to "bad weather" shelter local people and their goods (livestock). Brkina cave in Resnik has always been visited by local residents who entered into it to prove their youthful bravery. The rabbit's cave, Babina Cave and Strmotić abyss, the Caves with vertical entrances, so are reserved only for experienced and equipped speleologists. In the seventies of the twentieth century they were nvestigated by the cavers SO HPD "Željezničar" from Zagreb.

Cave Debeljača is the largest known speleological object in the Municipality Lovinac. It was recently found during quarrying for construction of highways. Research conducted by the cave is SO PDS "Velebit" from Zagreb. It is also caving facility with a vertical entrance. According to the development strategy of the Municipality of Lovinac, it is planned for tourist arrangement, while the project of the entire space abandoned quarry made the State Institute for Nature Protection in order to revitalize the devastated area in the form of adrenaline park with central cave object arranged for tourist visits.


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